Monday, September 3, 2012

The Complete Works

Recently, our humble museum has come into the acquisition of a large quantity of missing Shakespearean works. As we’ve found, these papers contain a number of previously unknown plays from the great playwright, as well as a large number of rejected drafts of the more well-known works. Our teams are working tirelessly on transcribing all the papers and making the works available for libraries and private readers all around the world. Below is a list of titles we hope will raise your interest:

A Midsummer Night’s Play

Romeo and Bill

Two Gentlemen From Verona Talk about Chicks

The Taming of the Pet Shrew

A Comedy of Factual Statements

King Lear’s Cat, Fluffles

Henry XX

Just, Like, Two Hours of Mistaken Identities

Hamlet 2: Electric Boogaloo

Nothing but Dick Jokes

The Merry Wives of New Jersey

Venus and the Turtle

How to Play Othello

Pumbaa of Sparta

Eleventh Night or What I Will

Love Labour’s Tied

The Merchant of Just North of Venice

As You Hate It

Titus Androgynous

Much Ado About Something Important