Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Too Many Social Networks

I was just going to make a quick post to let everyone that follows this blog (all five of you beautiful, beautiful people) that I went and got a Tumblr, which I'll probably update barely ever, but which has a neat little 'ask me anything' feature which will make reaching out to the audience easy.

I started thinking, however, I already have about a million ways to be reached and put things out on a million networks, which I try to consolidate into two personas.

Each persona has their own blog. This one, obviously, and Obsidian Labs, the blog of my alter-ego Professor Magnus B. Obsidian. These are the places I make content for. If I think it's good enough, it goes on these.

From these blogs you can end up finding your way to two Twitter accounts, two Google+'s, a couple of Facebook pages, three Youtube accounts, the list goes on.

Is this the state of how we interact on the internet these days? A million accounts strewn over a million websites, desperately throwing our voices out into the void and hoping that we aimed it in the right place to find an ear willing to listen? Following our friends from one gathering place to the next, never being able to be satisfied and moving on once the next big site opens up?

Or is this just inherent in trying to be an entertainer? Hitting every avenue available in order to find our audience and keep up with the ever changing and fickle online community?

And what of our real-life interactions? Are they being slowly replaced by an ever growing list of websites designed to keep us connected yet without ever having to look at the other person face to face? (Videochat being the exception, but you can still turn off the cameras easier than walking away from someone in person)

Are we on the fast track to becoming nothing more than brains in jars, sharing thoughts with everyone instantly yet never knowing what it's like to have a physical life? Or am I just thinking too much?

Anyway, I got a Tumblr. You should totally follow me and ask me stuff. Then we'll never have to meet in person.
It'll be awesome.