Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Recently, I was experiencing some internet Monopoly, and found myself wondering about the pieces that have become part of the game. In every version they’re different, and usually only very slightly connected to the feeling of the game. What do dogs and battleships have to do with building houses and collecting rent, anyway.

Of course, the internet had an answer.

The game was made with the intention of using just random bits of things to use as pieces. In that spirit, I thought it might be a good idea to list off some of the better choices to having a unique piece in your Monopoly games.

There’s the classic lost button that Hasbro itself has suggested.

They also suggested coins.

The higher rollers might like to raise the stakes a little.

In our technological age, there’s always loose batteries lying around.

Or even those little SD cards for those players who love their tech.

Some people hate long board games, so for them, a watch can let them know when to stop.

Multitaskers and social butterflies would love just using their phone.

Collectors might like using an action figure, it could feel like an adventure.

Big eaters and foodies might like to use some treats as their piece.

Or a utensil, in case they eat the treat.

Gamers could always use their favorite game as a piece.

Or play the game with a controller, like they’re used to.

Readers can even use their favorite book to play.

Or you can always just use things from around the house, paperweights and sculptures.

If you’re really strapped for ideas, you can always just give up and grab the first thing you see.

I, however, will always and forever be the top hat.