Friday, June 1, 2012


Thy form is perfect.
Hardened outside, but inside I know you to be softer.
I know you are fragile, a fact you’ll never admit.
Showing any cracks would only mean your end.

Perhaps something happened in your past.
Or maybe it’s something you fear in your future.
Either way, I respect your desire to seem strong.
Mine is similar, I admit.

It is a common device of protection.
Shells we keep up so no one gets in.

Although I understand, I may not be let in.
Because of one simple fact.
Only one will you ever let inside.
Ultimately, once you open, you’ll never be the same.
That is the price you pay.

Everyone may see themselves in this.
Guessing I may be speaking of them.
Generally, I only write on absurd subjects.
So try reading this a different way.

Groan-worthy. I apologize for nothing.